THenry Schmidt and his wifehe sessions will start this fall. Please leave your name and email address and we will send you notification of the starting date.

Many perspectives on the Book of Revelation depict a dire and depressing future. Listen as Henry Schmidt debunks those perceptions and shows how this last book of The Bible gives us a living hope through the triumph of God’s kingdom.

Popular perspectives of Revelation today picture a dismal future with wars and a huge apocalyptic ending to it all. These are poor interpretations indeed, following sensationalist Hollywood scriptings more than God’s message of hope for the future that this book truly conveys.

Join us for 10 1-hour sessions as outlined below:

  1. Revelation: a Vision of Jesus Christ
  2. Interpretation: 7 Steps from Mystery to Revelation
  3. Old Testament Prophecy Fulfilled in Revelation
  4. 7 Lampstands
  5. 7 Seals, Trumpets & Bowls
  6. The Beasts, the mark & Babylon
  7. The Bride & New Jerusalem

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  1. Klaus Ganske says:

    I Henry, I dropped in March 1/11. It sure beats the long drive to where ever you were this evening. I’ll try to join in other sessions but unfortunately I have a memorial to attend next week (not too many Tuesday evening memorial are there). I’m skeptical that you can actually finish this in ten one hour sessions. The last time we did this, well you know… :) Anyway it was nice to see you again and Erica as well. Give her my love.

    Blessings Klaus

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